BTMerge - Screencasts

Please find the screencasts demonstrating the use of our BTMerge tool below:

  1. Installation: Demonstrates how to install BTMerge into a clean Eclipse Modeling Juno distribution.
  2. Retrieving the Example: Shows how to import the running example and how to switch to the BTMerge perspective.
  3. Example: Guides through the running example and shows how conflicts are resolved incrementally.
  4. Preferences: Shows the BTMerge preference pages, including default resolution strategies.

Home Automation System example

This is a larger example based on the Eclipse UML2 metamodel:

  1. Applying Concurrent Modifications: Creation of two alternative model versions.
  2. Merging: Demonstrates the three-way merge performed on the Home Automation System versions.
  3. Result: Shows the merge result.

Merging of Ordered Collections

The following examples demonstrate the graph-based three-way merging algorithm for ordered collections in EMF models:

  1. Example A: Conflicting insertions and moves.
  2. Example B: Conflicting cyclic moves.
  3. Example C: Non-conflicting interacting moves.